2018 saw the influx of so many vintage trends. New interpretations of iconic aviators, round shapes and cat eyes hit the store shelves and clients loved it! 2019 is going to accelerate these looks and add in shapes you haven’t seen in decades but with a new twist. Read on to see what trends are coming your way in the new year and the compelling and irresistible styles you can choose. It’s an exciting time for eyeglass wearers.  


Boutique designers are all about innovation this year

Up and coming style makers are making waves with their cutting edge designs. Consumers are demanding innovation and the style makers have heard them loud and clear. They are creating designs out of recycled materials that cater to consumers who are looking for environmentally sustainable materials that offer texture and reduced carbon footprints such as eco-friendly plating.

What’s trending for 2019

Independent professionals like Dana Sacco Owner and Optician from Inspired by Rossland Optical are always in the know with upcoming fashion trends. “The incredible thing about our profession is that we have access to the top trends in the industry before they hit the stores and top designers offer premium accounts opportunities to pre-buy advance seasons” says Dana.



The most significant trend we are seeing from designers are bold and colourful frames. Gold and rose gold will continue to dominate the metallics especially when paired with mirrored lenses - a new technology for Transitions brand lenses offers an exciting new technology called Style Mirrors; a clear look indoors turning to a mirrored lens outdoors.  Nude, blush, champagne, smoke and shell pink crystal frames will continue to be strong. Warm neutrals are especially beautiful on darker skin tones and are hottest in matte finishes.


Cat eye glasses are also back in a big way and so look out for the uber vintage embellishments such as jewels, rivets, pearls, mother of pearl to name a few. A continuing trend is the  classic retro aviator and the new sleeker single bridge aviator frames showcased in sun wear and eye glass collections. Some of the other 2019 style trends include:

  • Round and oval frames

  • Bold square frames

  • Retro oversized frames

  • Square metal frames

  • Hybrid shapes – oversized squares with soft corners


With so many trends, what style should you choose? Our experts have the best advice on which frames to buy


It’s all about getting the right fit. The best glasses for you are shapes that exaggerate your best features. Follow your eyebrow shape and line up your frames with your cheekbones. However, some of the most distinctive looks break the rules. To achieve that, use opposite shapes to create your desired look. Flat eyebrows juxtaposed with a round frame or arched brows with an even greater arched cat eye. 

Ask yourself, what is your signature colour?
New York fashion week Fall 2018 featured unusual colour pairings, colour blocking and our favourite  polka dots. The Pantone colour of the year 2019 is called living coral so stay tuned for fabulous pops of colour against unusual pastels that will match not only fashion trends but also the trends you will see in decor.  

We suggest a colour that you don’t have a lot of in your wardrobe. Why? That way, you don’t have to match your wardrobe to your frame colour. If you wear a lot of denim going with a blue frame can be too monochromatic. Selecting the right contrasting colour has a more dramatic effect. A blue-based red, for example, works well with denim.

If your fashion style is “pure fashionista” and Black is always your favourite colour, check out some of the new hybrid shapes and matte finishes that will turn a plain black frame into an interesting accessory like a fun piece of jewellery.

But, before you go for just plain black frames, remember a pop of colour can be a mood booster. When Dana Sacco, Licensed Optician was styling Audra Leslie President, Graymatter Marketing, Audra was hesitant to introduce colour into her eyewear. Dana’s advice?. “A colourful frame can have the same effect as lipstick, giving you a little boost on a drab day!” This resonated with Audra and now she has her Classic polished black Tom Ford glasses and a rich espresso tortoise with bold red accents from Etnia Barcelona. Each look rounds out her wardrobe perfectly.


If you want an update but your style is classic and you want a more timeless look,  embrace elements of a predominant trend.


When you think of round frames do you think Harry Potter or Diane Keaton? What does vintage mean to you? Marilyn Monroe or Tom Cruise? Consider your generation and consider the overall look you have created. Now reach for eyewear that has those clean classic lines. If its round, go for a traditional black plastic frame. If it’s vintage meets 80's revival, a Ray Ban might be in order. Dana’s advice: “ Don’t just re-do what you have, it looks dated! Update your look with a nod to the trend with a fresh approach to classic style! Even the classic tortoise shell frames have had an injection of 2019 style with so many shades of tortoise to choose from even pink tortoise and tortoise with a subtle splash of cobalt blue.  

Use technology to your advantage 


The fantastic thing is that technology as simple as the camera on a smartphone can let you experiment with all the different looks almost as quickly as selecting a Snapchat filter.

If you still aren’t sure what frames to choose this year, remember that a great optician knows style. Dana is known for her direct approach, “I’m always honest with my patients. If I don’t like a frame on them I will tell them.” Opticians study fashion, they learn so much from their industry partners. Tap into their expertise!

Frames aren’t the only important thing to consider in 2019, for the down-low on high-quality lenses, you can read our expert information here.

The Top Five Reasons a High-Quality Lens is Vital When Buying Glasses

Looking to purchase a new pair of glasses? Before you go with the cheapest option out there or pick the hippest design on the market, be sure you know how the quality of your lens can affect your glasses. As with everything, you get what you pay for, but your eyesight is not something you want to take for granted. Here are the top five reasons that a high-quality lens is essential.

  1. Medical reasons– The first and most important reason for a high-quality lens is medical; you don’t want to purchase something that will affect your eye health. Make sure you are buying your glasses from someone who has been in the industry a long time and knows what they are doing.

  2. Comfort and design – A higher quality lens will always feel more comfortable for the wearer. If you have a job where you move around a lot, or perhaps you work at a computer, the movement you do on a daily basis is one thing that you need to take into consideration for comfort. If you purchase a high-quality lens, the lens will be crafted with movement OR lack of movement in mind and the strain on your eyes will be significantly less.

  3. Coatings and layers – If you have ever purchased a low-quality lens, the odds are that coatings like anti-reflective, scratch resistant, anti-fog, or ultra-violet may start to peel. The higher quality lens will not have this issue. Layers can help with things like night driving for example. The science behind layers is very sophisticated. The higher quality the lens, the more layers it has and vice versa.

  4. Cleanliness – A cheaper lens is not going to stay as clean. That is a fact. Buying a higher-quality lens will allow your glasses to stay fresh and clean longer, which equals less hassle overall for the wearer.

  5. Warranty – The odds are a high-quality lens will come with a good warranty. A low-quality lens will not. Do your due diligence and make sure you are buying good quality lenses right from the start. Otherwise, you will be purchasing another pair of glasses and those inexpensive glasses will no longer become “cheap” when you are buying another pair a year from now.

At Inspired by Rossland Optical we take great pride in blending design, quality, and budget and selecting glasses that are sure to please the wearer. We also have a highly experienced team who will be upfront and honest about the quality of the lenses you are purchasing. Sometimes cost is a factor but investing in a higher quality lens is always a better bet for your eye health today and in the future.

Dry Eyes? Here are Five Things You Can Do to Relieve Symptoms

If you have ever had dry eyes you know it’s not fun. Your eyes feel scratchy, uncomfortable and sometimes your vision may become blurred and hazy.

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, dry eyes are caused by many things including: contact lenses, allergies, hormones, age, environmental conditions, medications, and exposure to UV rays among others. Since there are so many things that cause dry eyes, you may need an individual solution for each situation. Here are five things you can do to relieve dry eye symptoms.

  1. A good practice to get into is to purchase a pair of good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from future sun damage  especially in the summertime when you are out in the sun more often and UV exposure can affect your eyes. If you don’t have sunglasses, and even if you have been wearing them, but they are of lower quality, it’s always a good idea to keep some eye drops handy.

  2. If you wear contacts, you have another battle to overcome when it comes to dry eyes; some contact lenses are better than others for lubrication. Usually, when you wear contacts for too long, that is when they start to bother your eye. Some preventative maintenance is always a good idea with contacts, and that’s where these come in handy. If you wear contacts, please also check out this important post on wearing contacts for too long.

  3. Working on the computer for long periods is not a great idea for your eyes. Dry eyes are common with those who work on computers all day long. It can be even worse when we work on them all day long and then stare at our phones or TV at night. Make sure you are either using glasses with a blue light coating OR drops like these to keep your eyes moist and in good health.

  4. Did you know, what you eat can contribute to your eye health? Did you also know that there is such a thing as good quality tears? Dry eyes can be a result of tears that don’t correctly moisturize the eye. Omega 3’s are essential when getting those good quality tears that help moisturize and clean the eye.

  5. Keeping your eye clean is vital to combat dry eyes. Cleaning your eyelid and removing dirt, dust, and debris can help limit the possibility of dry eyes becoming a problem. This is especially important for people who work in dirty or dusty environments. These eyelid wipes are a great way to clean, moisturize and soothe the outside of the eye after a long day of work. As a bonus, they also help remove makeup as well.

At Inspired by Rossland Optical, our goal is always, eye health, whether you wear glasses or not. If you don’t wear glasses, you may not have learned the importance of eye care. Please be sure to send this post to anyone you think may need to learn more about taking care of their eyes. Education is key to preventing eye problems down the road.