1. How do your warranties work? 
    Our warranties are the best in the business. In order to continue providing great pricing we do not abuse our warranties and reserve warranties for the rare case of true manufacturer's defects. In the case of a warranty we purchase a new piece for you and then return the defective piece for credit. The parts and labour are free however we do charge the shipping per piece. Damaged, heavily worn glasses or distressed lenses are not manufacturer's defects and are not covered under warranty. 
    Doctor's changes are covered one time for 90 days at 50% off the replacement lenses. If you have a specific medical condition causing frequent prescription changes please consult with an Optician and we can design a custom treatment plan for you. 

  2. Do you sell indestructible frames? 
    In some cases manufacturers will advertise titanium or memory metal as "indestructible". We always recommend that anything can break under the right circumstances. If you require extreme durability or safety we do sell both workplace safety and sport safety glasses, otherwise most frames are considered for dress wear and will hold up very well under normal circumstances. We also recommend regular cleaning and adjustments to keep your frame in good shape. When we clean your glasses we inspect everything for warranty and adjust the frame to fit you perfectly. This is a free service. 

  3. Why do my scratch resistant lenses still scratch? 
    Scratches can happen if the lens surface is penetrated by something sharp or abrasive. If you have lenses that are always getting scratched we recommend rinsing them under tap water to remove surface debris before wiping the lenses especially if you work in a dusty environment. 
    Glasses always need to be stored in a case when they are not being worn. Sometimes the light scratches from being in a purse or car storage compartment will result in a thinning of the coating. In some cases we can provide a warranty but if the scratches have removed lens material (gouges) then the warranty is void. Damage from pets in not covered under warranty.
    Scratch resistant lenses definitely scratch less than un-coated lenses. Please follow your opticians’ advice for cleaning storage and maintenance.
    Lens coatings can react to volatile substances like acetone or paint thinner. It is advised to wear a safety shield when handling toxic substances. 
    Some personal products like cologne, perfume, hairspray, breath fresheners and air fresheners contain enough alcohol to damage the surface of your lenses. Please take care to avoid excessive exposure to atomizers or sprays.
    Lenses are temperature sensitive and can become defective in extreme temperatures. We advise to never leave glasses on the dashboard of the car in direct sunlight in high temperatures. The windshield does magnify the heat and we have seen lenses that shatter from this exposure. 
    In rare cases we see a truly defective coating that appears like a series of straight lines or like a fine cobweb across the lens surface. This is covered by the lens manufacturer at the discretion of the Optician inspecting the product. Shipping charges apply.

  4. What do I do if I choose a frame and I end up not liking it or it’s too uncomfortable? 
    We have a strict 2 week policy on frame exchanges/returns and the frame must be returned in an unworn new condition. We can decline a frame exchange if the consultation process was thorough or if the patient purchases the frame against our Opticians' advice. In some cases we have frames marked final sale and they are not exchangeable/returnable. This exchange/return is handled similarly to a warranty and shipping charges. The difference in cost of frames and/or 10% restocking fee applies.

  5. What is a licensed Optician? 
    Licensed opticians are registered with the College of Opticians of Ontario and are highly trained in lens consultation, frame adjustment and contact lens fitting. At Inspired by Rossland Optical we are pride ourselves on very diverse product knowledge including specialty lenses and exotic frames. We invest in extra training to make sure we have the skills to handle all the measurements and adjustments needed for exceptional service. We have 5 Licensed Opticians and a student Optician to serve all your family eye care needs.

  6. Why are the prices of some of the frames so expensive? 
    We offer all different price points but we only deal with quality manufacturers that offer warranties. We do not sell closeouts or end of line products. Some of the products come from Europe and are purchased in Euros. The frame prices will vary depending on the exchange rate at the time. Some of the features of luxury products include organic cotton based acetates that are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and handcrafted in Italy. Some frames are 22k gold plated and use other rare materials.
    Our frame prices range from $135 to approximately $695 with the average price of $295. It's important to note that an expensive frame is not necessarily more durable. Many luxury products are crafted from the finest materials and should be handled with care. They will hold up well under normal circumstances but should be treated like jewelry. Your Optician will advise you of any special care required for your glasses. Ensure you have at least 20 minutes to pick up your new glasses so we have time to fit adjust and ensure you have great vision. 

  7. Can I just get my measurements but not make a frame purchase?
    We charge $65 for taking measurements. The measurements will still need to be entered into our system whether you purchase from us or not.

Thanks for your interest in our service and taking the time to read our FAQs. We are your trusted partners in eye care and dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Please note that our policies are subject to change. Please always consult one of our Opticians regarding your specific needs.