Pantone 16-1546 is Living Coral and the Pantone Colour of the Year. It’s popping up all over the place. From various styles of eyewear to furniture, makeup to clothing, shoes and more!

According to Pantone, the colour is, “Vibrant, yet mellow, and is a nurturing colour. Symbolizing our innate need for connection, optimism and joyful pursuits in our fast-paced and digital world. Other words that Pantone uses to describe the colour are, natural, lively, sociable and spirited.” Below, our very own Dana Sacco, Optician, is sporting Stella McCartney cat eye sunglasses with living coral along the top of the rims. A fun and eye-catching way, pun intended, to wear the Pantone Colour of The Year.


We spoke to Peggy Gillis at Rousseau Fine Furniture to better understand how 2019 can really make the most of this fresh addition to your home decor palette. Peggy says: “Living coral is the perfect colour, not red, pink or orange but an energizing in between timeless shade. It works beautifully with emerald green, navy blue, but also adds some zest to spaces that are predominantly neutral grays and beiges. Add coral fearlessly with a stunning lamp or chair, or with less commitment, a toss pillow, piece of wall decor or a pretty vase!”. The eyewear industry is a reflection of the top fashion trends and those looks will percolate into every aspect of our lives. As Emilie Hill of the London Telegraph writes “It has only been a couple of weeks that Gigi Hadid was seen in New York wearing head to toe coral” (read more )


While many of us may not be able to pull off that look adding a handbag, scarf or sunglasses will definitely keep your look in the of the current trend. Christina at the Paint Store Plus says: “We are still seeing a lot of neutral walls but we are bringing in pops of colour with accessories. Painted furniture is still a strong trend and we are introducing more vibrant colours such as living coral  into our spaces with accent pieces.” So be brave and empower your spiritual energy with a colour that exudes happiness! You can find out more information about Pantone colours here.