Don’t forget eyeglasses and sunglasses when you are creating a look

Some people can put an outfit together like nobody's business. It comes naturally. They have a sense of style that exudes their personality. Fashion for them is like a painter who knows precisely which strokes go where, and the final result is a masterpiece.

 If you are going to spend the time to do your hair, your makeup and invest in new clothes, don’t ignore your most important accessory, the glasses!

 Today I want to explore how to create a look and why the right eyeglasses and sunglasses are essential to making the most out of any ensemble. Here is my outfit of the day and how I got this style.

For this #OOTD, I chose a feminine, summery yet professional look to begin the week. My colour palette is blush and black with an accent of white. 


The makeup is Smashbox eyeshadow and lipstick. Usually, I only wear mascara and lip gloss, but I feel that at forty-nine years old, I am much more sensitive to feeling washed out. When I choose to wear lighter tones closer to my face, I add some depth of colour with eyeshadow and lipstick.

My top is a Calvin Klein one that I picked up at The Bay (I also got the black one). I find it versatile and lightweight and easy to pair with a jacket when I need to.  The pants are from Garbo’s Boutique.

I've kept my jewelry simple. I'm old school, so I love my Thomas Sabo white analog watch, and I'm wearing earrings shaped like a fly. The accent colour is a little bit of plum in the beading which ties into my lip colour. 

Shoes have a black and white theme, so the pearl in the earring, the watch, and shoes tie the colour palette together.

 The final accessory – fabulous glasses!
One of the top eyeglass frame trends right now are sheer, crystal, translucent frames. I'm wearing the Rosanna by Glossi. It’s been a top seller plus a personal favourite. The frame is so lightweight. I forget I'm wearing glasses. I get compliments from strangers because the rose gold accent is so eye-catching. Even though the champagne frame colour is neutral, the rose gold gives a depth of tone and adds an architectural point of interest and makes this frame more like jewelry.

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